Welcome to EduCounseling Services

EduCounseling Services is an international educational consultancy. Our team has over 30 years of experience in School Management and School Improvement, Mentoring, Coaching and Teacher Training in both the Middle East and in Canada.

EduCounseling is here for you and your school. We will provide you with school evaluation, school improvement, and teacher training / PDs. Most importantly, EduCounseling Services can guide you on how to raise and graduate inspired, conscientious and purposeful citizens, ready to serve the world with care, passion, empathy and world leadership.

School Improvement & Management

From School Improvement to Love of Learning! Our approach to School Improvement is based on creating a positive, interactive and innovative approach to learning. Creating an environment for ‘Love of Learning’ with positive outcomes for all students, staff, leadership, governance,  and, definitely for parents. We work (K-12) with all public and private schools, including the IB Program-Schools.

Professional Development

PDs are geared toward students’ achievements, their social, emotional, intellectual, and, civic development. They also include learning skills, character building, math, science, literacy (French, English, Arabic) and Early Years.

        And We ADVISE!

Affiliations & Memberships

EduCounseling Services has affiliations to many national and international publications and educational organizations: ECC ( Education Consultant Canada), CEA (Canadian Education Association) CEC ( Council for Exceptional Children), ASCD (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development) and ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and many others.

Our Vision

Education is the only tool for making the world a better place, not only for ones country, but for all the human race.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to raise and graduate inspired, conscientious and purposeful citizens, ready to serve the world with care, passion, empathy and global leadership.


We are currently developing Educational Webinars.

The Educounseling team, who will be leading the webinars, consists of qualified consultants who have teaching experience, great interpersonal skills and analytical skills. They are motivated, organized and experienced in professional development and teacher training.

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The Purpose of the Journey of Education

The Purpose of the Journey of Education is to raise and graduate Purposeful citizens. Citizens who are raised on core values, virtues and principles to respect LIFE in ALL its totality. Purposeful Citizens possess a sense of Heightened Consciousness and Heightened Awareness towards ALL life. They are Mindful, Insightful and Inclusive of all people, regardless of race, color, culture, religion, ability, competencies, gender or socioeconomic status. They are respectful of ALL life including Balance in the environment.

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